Audi E-Commerce Purchase Experience

Audi North America
Lead UI Designer
18 Months
Live site
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When we began clients had to go into a dealership to purchase an Audi.

Our team was able to conceptualize, and execute a brand new experience to conveniently and smoothly purchase an Audi vehicle online.

Research was an important first step.

With constant research and testing done as this project went along we were able to understand our users, empathize with them, and design for them.

Our 2 users are:
- A user looking for convenience.
- A user looking for independence.

We made user flows and wireframes.

With the initial user flows I used our Audi Design Library on Figma to start creating wireframes.

This initial phase of exploration lasted a few months of iterating before we landed on a solid design that everyone on the team approved.

The UI was iteratively applied to it.

Using a freshly built Figma component library (which I helped bring to life), we were able to design an application process that prioritized speed, usability, and user needs in general.

Motion was also explored and designed for, however to meet deadlines we agreed it would be implemented at a later time.

One of the biggest challenges during this time was constant changes, meeting legal requirements, and ensuring the UI felt premium yet easy to use.


Notable Contributions

  • UI applied screens for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Provided UX Design input and influence.
  • Provided Motion Design input and influence.

Key Learnings

  • Learned more about best practices and strategy for checkout experiences.
  • Collaboration with developers, and a variety of remote teams across the world.
  • Collaboration with developers, and a variety of remote teams across the world.

Final Notes

  • This project was successfully launched on both Audi USA and Canada sites.