Audi Map Search Tool

Audi North America
Lead UI Designer
6 Months
Live site

When we began clients could search for Audi Dealers, but not for inventory.

Our team was able to conceptualize and execute a brand new dealer/inventory search from the ground up to replace their existing dealer search tool.

We started with preliminary research.

The research never really stopped throughout the whole process. It defined who competitors were, taught who the target audience was, created empathy around them, and created useful insights that heavily influenced this project.

Wireframes were made fully remotely.

The UX Designer and I were able to leverage Slack and Google Meet to collaborate on strategy, and successfully build out the wireframes.

Sometimes we would be on calls for hours, trying to consider possible pain points for users, getting feedback from our team, and putting everything together on Figjam.

The UI was built around the user.

Using a freshly built Figma component library (which I helped bring to life), we were able to design an application process that prioritized speed, usability, and user needs in general.

Collaborating with content writers and legal representatives was crucial during this time, so that once it was developed the final sites could go live.

One of the biggest challenges during this time was constant changes, meeting legal requirements, and ensuring the UI felt premium yet easy to use.


Notable Contributions

  • Competitor and initial research.
  • Product strategy and conceptualization work.
  • User experience and content input.
  • Existing page redesigns to implement new feature.
  • High-fidelity screens for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Motion design concepts.
  • Animated prototype and videos.
  • Deliverance of showcases and presentations to Global Audi teams.

Key Learnings

  • Collaborating on a crunch timeline.
  • Collaborating with small and large teams remotely.
  • Collaborating with developers.
  • Taking feedback into consideration, and pushing back on decisions.
  • Finding compromise to meet deadlines and legal requirements.
  • Designing the same flow for 2 different countries.

Final Notes

  • This project successfully met it's proposed deadline, and was launched December 1st, 2021.

    Within 3 months it reached over 224,000 unique visitors.